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Teltonika FMB208 tracker for India

Teltonika launched Teltonika GPS tracker, a SPECIAL category model FMB208 has been successfully certified by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) with Automotive Industry Standard AIS-140. Teltonika FMB208 is registered on the National VLTD Backend (BSNL) and Vahan, C-DAC has now empanelled our FMB208 for the state of Kerala¸ other states will follow.

This tracker is specifically designed for the India market. It helps to succeed and maximise your client fleet efficiency – IRNSS/GPS/Bluetooth connectivity, GAGAN support, 3rd server functionality helps the private server to receive data on your favourite Teltonika protocol, internal battery, accelerometer and gyroscope, RS-232 interface, embedded SIM (e-SIM), digital Input/Output, tamper and waterproof IP67 rating robust casing, to say at least.

It is designed and manufactured using the well-tested electronic components and the most cost-efficient automated robotic assembly lines to ensure unquestionable tracker quality, Teltonika stability, and the best possible price.

Certified for the country and states, FMB208 tracker has undergone evaluation and testing according to specific regulations to verify that it performs as stated by Teltonika.

Relevant tracker accessories and Bluetooth 4.0 LE connectivity additions, such as temperature, humidity, magnetic sensors, ID beacons, as well as fuel consumption counters combined with time-saving Teltonika  FOTA WEB solution ensures its versatility, great business potential, and income streams.

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