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Terranet AB validates BlincVision tech, prepares for in-car tests

Terranet AB (publ), a company that develops advanced safety technology using laser scanning and AI to improve driver-assistance systems in vehicles, announced that the Company has received positive results from the previously communicated prototype tests performed in the lab during the first quarter. The data generated validates the technology and enables the company to initiate in-car tests in the near future and continue the development of BlincVision.

During the tests, it continuously conducted relevant measurements in areas such as latency, object identification, object classification, light conditions, and eye safety. These measurements have been successfully carried out and have generated important data for continued product development. The main purpose was to validate the functionality and capacity of the system in a controlled environment.

Particularly satisfying was verifying their unique and fast reaction time as well as a confirmation that the system works in different lighting conditions. The initiation of the prototype tests in the car is occurring concurrently. The development of BlincVision’s performance and precision is ongoing.

Through this prototype test in the lab, the Company has obtained crucial data. Terranet will now translate this data into relevant specifications, which it can discuss in detail with potential partners for the first time. This milestone marks a crucial step in technology commercialization, forming the foundation for enticing partnership opportunities in the market.

Magnus Andersson, CEO of Terranet, comments: “The results of the lab tests are incredibly encouraging and gives us the confirmation we need to be able to launch the upcoming prototype tests in car. The tests will serve as the foundation for a significant commercial deal with top automotive manufacturers and suppliers. We now intend to accelerate the prototype tests in-car. The aim is to promptly deliver the findings to both the stock market and specific industry collaborators for swift dissemination. During the month of March, we have had in-depth discussions with several major car manufacturers ahead of our in-car tests.

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