Tesla unveils vision-based auto parking system

Date: March 26, 2024.Tesla has introduced an updated version of its auto parking system, specifically designed for its newer vehicles that rely solely on camera-based vision. This marks a significant development since Tesla ceased using ultrasonic sensors in 2022.

This new system relies solely on the car’s cameras to detect parking spaces while driving at low speeds. Potential parking spots are then highlighted on the car’s display, allowing drivers to select their preferred spot. With a tap on the screen and a release of the steering wheel, the Tesla takes control, maneuvering itself into the chosen parking space.

This is just the beginning for Tesla’s vision-only parking. Early reports suggest a future update called “Tap to Park” is in the works. This feature would enable drivers to select a parking spot and step out of the car entirely, with the Tesla handling the parking process autonomously.  This integration would likely rely on it’s FSD Beta program.

The release of the vision-based auto parking system marks a significant step towards it’s goal of achieving fully autonomous driving using only cameras and their neural network technology. Initial reviews of the system are positive, suggesting a smooth user experience.

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