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Toyota new battery tech for electric vehicle gives 1200km range

Toyota was in news recently about its new battery technology that could give its electric vehicles a range of up to 745 miles (1200 Km) on a single charge. This new type of battery utilizes solid state electrolytes rather than the liquid ones currently used in most lithium-ion batteries. Toyota claims the new solid state batteries can achieve a higher energy density than existing battery technology, allowing for longer range between charges. The increased energy density also means the batteries can be smaller in size. Toyota claims the solid state batteries to be safer than lithium-ion as they are less prone to overheating. Also charging a solid state battery is much faster, with Toyota claiming that 80% capacity could be regained in just 10 minutes.

In tests, Toyota was able to successfully operate a prototype electric vehicle powered by the solid state batteries for over 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge under normal driving conditions. When operated under more optimal conditions at lower speeds, the vehicle achieved an estimated range of 1,200 km (745 miles).

While Toyota has successfully tested solid state battery technology, mass production is expected to begin by the late 2020s. Electric vehicles using the new batteries globally will be in all likelihood in 2030s.

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