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Toyota Spain partners with LoJack España to offer its customers a best-in-class stolen vehicle recovery service

Toyota Spain, within its strategy of always placing the customer at the center of its activities and with the aim of offering a service of high added value, has partnered with LoJack España, a subsidiary of CalAmp, to offer an innovative service for the recovery of stolen vehicles.

The agreement between Toyota Spain and LoJack España will give Toyota customers access to best-in-class stolen vehicle recovery services enabled by direct collaboration with local law enforcement. Through this agreement, the Official Dealer Network of Toyota Spain will market LoJack SVR services directly, through Toyota Custom, the Toyota Original Accessories program.

The LoJack SVR system works with radio frequency technology capable of tracking vehicles in a garage, underground or in an armored container. It offers system tampering alerts designed to cope with the increasing use of GPS signal jammers, and service activation only in case of vehicle theft, ensuring customer privacy.

In addition, the LoJack operations control center will be available to Toyota customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing support and advice in case of theft and providing constant updates to search status for stolen vehicles.  LoJack has a security team that works in direct coordination with the state security forces and law enforcement.

The collaboration between Toyota Spain and LoJack España, which has its origin in the relationship between Toyota Motor Italy (TMI) and LoJack Italia, established in 2019, will go a step further by also offering LoJack SVR services through KINTO One, leasing and car sharing service, and Toyota Insurance Services (TIS). TIS will offer LoJack as part of the insurance of models such as RAV4, Highlander and Land Cruiser with the aim of lowering the premium and offering an even more competitive insurance offering.

Beyond Zero by Toyota

Toyota, with its Toyota and Lexus brands, is a world leader in the marketing of electrified models, with more than 17 million electrified cars sold worldwide and 350,000 units in Spain since 1997. Toyota’s electrification roadmap, with a view to a CO2-free society, began more than 20 years ago with the birth of hybrid technology, and we have been working towards this goal ever since. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to help achieve sustainable mobility through the reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions to help positively combat climate change and a reduction of pollutant gas emissions (NOx and particulate matter) that directly affect people’s health. In fact, NOx emissions are more than 90% lower than the limit set by current legislation, for example, in Yaris Hybrid nitrogen oxides emissions are only 6 mg / km, compared to the expected limit of 60 mg / km of gasoline cars Euro6 and 80 mg / km of diesel Euro6. Taking action to address climate change is a pressing issue worldwide, and the promotion of sustainable, low-carbon energy has long been a major goal. The company is therefore taking a further step to address environmental challenges, bringing hydrogen technologies to the forefront and aiming to make hydrogen the main energy source of tomorrow’s society. A future society in which not only will there be no emissions, but we will also go further, connecting people, buildings and vehicles in a unique ecosystem, leading to a better society, with mobility for all at its core, a mobility that goes beyond automobiles and is about overcoming challenges and making dreams come true. Toyota’s support for Olympic and Paralympic sport is also embodied through Start Your Impossible, the global corporate initiative that aims to inspire and seeks to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable society.

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