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Transit merges with TripShot to enhance mobility solutions

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Transit Technologies, a company which provides technology to improve public transportation systems, has officially acquired TripShot, a software company specializing in fleet management solutions for public and private transportation. Their platform offers features like real-time vehicle tracking, route planning, and contactless payment options. This acquisition will enable the company to provide more comprehensive and advanced solutions to their clients, improving the overall efficiency and performance of their transportation systems.

“This is more than a strategic expansion; it’s a leap towards a future where transit is more efficient, reliable, and inclusive,” said Gerry Leonard, CEO of Transit Technologies. “By integrating this advanced platform, we are not just streamlining operations. We’re setting new benchmarks for what transit systems can achieve. We are very excited about the ability of TripShot to add significant value to Transit Technologies’ expansive technology platforms. Moreover, these platforms serve over 3,000 clients worldwide today.”

TripShot, founded in Silicon Valley, has been at the forefront of the mobility revolution since 2008. Their journey from a startup to serving some of the most renowned Silicon Valley Fortune 500 clients and private-sector transportation fleets. This highlights their commitment to tackling complex mobility challenges. This acquisition will integrate an enhanced product set into Transit Technologies’ suite of AI-powered SaaS mobility solutions. It will enhance the ability to serve, connect, and optimize public and private transit networks.

“Today is a fantastic day for TripShot clients, partners, and staff,” said Wayne Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of TripShot. “Transit Technologies and TripShot are taking the next big step together. They are executing their shared vision of driving innovation in the transportation space and realizing mobility for all. I’m enormously proud of the TripShot team whose grit, experience, and skill has brought us to this proud moment. Furthermore, with the tremendous know-how and resources of Transit Technologies, we look forward to expanding the reach, capability, and value of our leading mobility solutions.”

TripShot’s fleet solutions synergize with Transit Technologies’ market-leading platforms for various transportation services. Moreover, these include fixed route, demand response, safety and compliance, and non-emergency medical services. Together, they contribute significantly to Transit Technologies’ mission to revolutionize mobility and meet modern transportation demands.

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