Tresa Motors reveals V0.2 electric truck

Date: April 10, 2024.Tresa Motors, an Indian electric truck manufacturer, has recently unveiled its V0.2 electric truck. The V0.2 is designed with Indian road conditions in mind, aiming to provide a durable, reliable, and eco-friendly logistics solution, especially for e-commerce transportation.

The Tresa V0.2 Electric Truck aims to enhance efficiency and performance with its exceptional characteristics. It performs powerfully on the road with a maximum torque of 24,000 Nm and a top speed of 120 km/h. With its 300 kWh battery, drivers can quickly charge from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes, resulting in less downtime. Additionally, the V0.2 redefines the parameters of electric trucking by emphasizing both functionality and driver comfort. Outfit it with cutting-edge technology, including a telemetry system and centralized computer unit, as well as adjustable design options and a cozy air-suspended seat.

The V0.2 stands out with its in-house developed systems and features, such as the NVIDIA GPU-driven Centralized Computing Unit which integrates multiple electronic control units (ECUs) into a zonal architecture. Over 500 monitoring points can stream to the cloud for analytics on performance, safety, and efficiency.

Tresa Motors’ commitment to innovation is also evident in the V0.2’s Axial Flux Motor Platform Flux 350 and the Meg50 battery pack module, which offer high power density, improved cooling, and increased efficiency.

The unveiling of the V0.2 electric truck by Tresa Motors represents a leap forward in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

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