Tummoc partners with Rapido to enable customers to book first and last-mile rides

Date: July 4, 2023

Tummoc a transportation technology company, has announced a strategic partnership with Rapido, a bike taxi aggregators, to offer customers the convenience of booking first and last-mile rides. This collaboration aims to enhance the overall commuting experience by bridging the gap between public transportation and final destinations.

The integration of Tummoc’s platform with Rapido’s extensive network of two-wheeler taxis will allow Tummoc users to seamlessly book and avail themselves of affordable and reliable last-mile transportation services. Through the Tummoc app, consumers in more than 20 cities will be able to book Rapido rides thanks to this agreement. 

The partnership between Tummoc and Rapido comes at a time when urban areas are witnessing an increasing need for efficient first and last-mile connectivity. Many commuters face challenges in reaching their desired destinations, particularly when public transportation networks do not provide direct connectivity or are unable to cater to their unique requirements.

“We are thrilled to bring first and last-mile connectivity to our users by integrating Rapido into the Tummoc platform,” said Hiranmay Mallick, CEO and co-founder of Tummoc. This collaboration establishes a new benchmark for thorough ridesharing integration in India and guarantees a smooth and trouble-free travel experience for our devoted users.

With this collaboration, Tummoc continues to strengthen its position as a leading transportation technology platform, dedicated to simplifying and improving the way people travel in urban areas.

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