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Udelv to unveil autonomous cab-less Transporter, driven by Mobileye, at CES 2022

Udelv, a Silicon Valley venture-backed company, announced they will unveil the cab-less electric delivery vehicle for multi-stop delivery, the Transporter, driven by Mobileye, at the Mobileye booth at CES.

The Transporter revolutionizes the automotive and logistics industries by being the world’s first vehicle capable of driving at highway speeds without a cabin and making up to 80 stops per delivery run. Udelv’s patented adaptive shelving and hot-swappable cargo pod, the uPod, is a combination of hardware and software for intelligent loading and unloading, state-of-the-art telematics, remote control and operations, and fleet management services.  It is “driven” by Mobileye’s self-driving system comprised of 360-degree sensing, safety technology, AV map and driving policy.  Udelv is planning to operate more than 50,000 Mobileye-driven Transporters by 2028, with commercial deployment beginning at year-end 2023.

The Transporter is designed to answer two of the greatest challenges of today’s commercial delivery fleets: a massive shortage of drivers and fleet electrification.

“CES’s global attendance makes it an important show for us as we get closer to full-scale production,” said Daniel Laury, CEO and co-founder of Udelv. “We have more than 1,000 paid reservations and are anxious to introduce this revolutionary autonomous last- and middle-mile delivery vehicle to the world.”

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