UVeye to unveil new vehicle “Fingerprint” system for security industry

UVeye is introducing technology which will create a virtual “fingerprint” for any vehicle after a UVeye underbody scan.

The company will host a free SIA (Security Industry Association) webinar on “How to Fingerprint Vehicles Using Computer Vision” at 12:00 p.m. EDT. Visit SIA for more information and to sign up for the program. The company’s CEO Amir Hever and Chief Marketing Officer Yaron Saghiv decide will discuss in webinar how computer-learning and artificial-intelligence technology can be used to identify vehicle fraud and security threats based on underbody scans.

“A vehicle with stolen license plates, for example, could easily be identified in the future with a UVeye underbody scan. We’ll also be discussing how digital fingerprints can be used at data centers, correctional facilities, airports, border crossings, hotel entrances and seaports to name just a few potential use cases.”

Amir Hever, CEO UVeye.

The company’s mobile and stationary Helios underbody scanning systems when equipped with UV Inspect software now can provide law enforcement agencies and security professionals with the power to automatically pinpoint threats on vehicles that aren’t in security databases, offering a completely new level of protection.

UVeye’s Helios inspection systems currently are deployed at many high-security locations throughout the world and have generated many vehicle scans. The company’s proprietary algorithms, cloud architecture, sensor fusion, AI and machine-learning technologies complete necessary vehicle checks within seconds.

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