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VIDAR: A new technology that could be ‘bigger than 5G’

VIDAR™ stands for vibration detection and ranging, It is the product of FiberSense, founded by Mark Englund, its CEO. 

He says it combines the range that RADAR provides with the classifying ability of SONAR. It also uses existing telecom fiber assets to detect and capture vibrations from nearby objects.

These vibrations are transmitted to a digital platform called SuperSoniQ, which uses digital signal processing (DSP) and AI to capture, analyse, classify, and even action these vibrations.

Entrepreneur Bevan Slattery says this technology could become ‘bigger than 5G’.

According to the team at FiberSense, VIDAR has also been tested and deployed across Asia Pacific – including terrestrial fiber networks in Singapore and Australia. It’s also been deployed in an undersea power line between Tasmania and Victoria and Southern Cross Cable Networks have deployed VIDAR on their submarine cable.

According to the team at FiberSense, these deployments have to this point detected and classified quite 26,000 events.

FiberSense says it’s also building an entire digital city grid by using its VIDAR technology. The grid will digitize and capture all vehicles in real-time. This can particularly help autonomous vehicle technologies. 

FiberSense now aims to remodel his linear technology into a meshed grid which will detect vehicles in urban areas and cities. 

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