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VOXX Electronics launches battery-backup solution for automotive

Cutting-Edge Product Gives the Power You Need, When You Need It Most

VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC), has announced the launch of its VOXX Power Systems (VPS), a battery-backup system for an automotive, marine, motorcycle, and powersport applications.

VOXX Power Systems is meant to be installed in a vehicle’s trunk, cabin, or under the seat, connected on to the battery, and continually charged with the help of a custom battery charger circuit and components that charge only when the vehicle’s engine is running. Further, VPS uses a propriety methodology to increase battery life.

Today’s technological advancements allow control of the system with the touch of a button employing a Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone. In the event the user’s phone is unavailable, a large, easily accessible “Jump” button is located on the physical unit.

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