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Walmart with Nuro Test-Drives Autonomous Grocery Deliveries

Walmart has announced a new pilot with, Nuro, an American robotics company. The pilot program will bring affordable and accessible grocery delivery option to a select group of Walmart customers in Houston through Nuro’s autonomous vehicles.

Nuro is transforming local commerce through driverless delivery. The company develops and operates a fleet of self-driving vehicles that deliver local goods of all kinds, from dinner to dry cleaning. Nuro’s service helps merchants deliver goods to customers quickly, affordably, and safely. The company’s mission is using robotics to improve lives with is in conformance with Walmart’s mission of helping customers live better.

In the coming months, the autonomous delivery service will be available to Houston customers who have opted into the program. The service will use R2, Nuro’s custom-built delivery vehicle that carries only products with no onboard driver or passengers, and autonomous Toyota Priuses, all powered by the company’s proprietary self-driving software and hardware.

Through the Houston-based pilot, Walmart aims to develop, refine and continue learning how to offer the best end-to-end customer experience. Walmart been test-driving a number of different options for getting groceries from our stores to our customers’ front doors through self-driving technology.

“We believe this technology is a natural extension of our Grocery Pickup and Delivery service and our goal of making every day a little easier for customers. We’re already bringing the best of Walmart to our customers through Grocery Pickup and Delivery. By continuing to test autonomous vehicle capabilities, we’re better able to understand the path self-driving technology can take us down the road” said the company in Press Release.

Source: Press Release

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