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Waymo AV collides with cyclist in San Francisco

Date: February 08, 2024. — Waymo autonomous vehicle collided with a cyclist in San Francisco on 6th February afternoon. The cyclist suffered minor scratches and was not taken to the hospital, according to the San Francisco Fire Department.

According to Waymo, the company’s autonomous driving unit, the vehicle was at a complete stop at a four-way intersection when a large truck turned into the intersection. The Waymo car proceeded to move forward when it was its turn, but failed to detect a cyclist who was behind the truck and crossed into the car’s path. The car braked heavily, but could not avoid the collision, the company said. Waymo said it called the police to the scene and contacted relevant authorities about the incident.

The police department in San Francisco is investigating the incident. They haven’t released any information regarding the availability of dashcam footage.

This is the second reported accident involving a driverless car in San Francisco in recent months. In December, a Cruise robotaxi struck a pedestrian and dragged her 20 feet, resulting in a federal probe and a lawsuit

Waymo has been testing and expanding its driverless service in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where it has a permit to operate 250 robotaxis. The company also plans to launch its fully autonomous passenger cars on freeways in Phoenix and Austin.

The accident raises questions about the safety and viability of driverless vehicles, especially in urban areas where cyclists and pedestrians are more common. Some lawmakers and activists have called for stricter regulations and oversight of the autonomous car industry, which is largely immune from traffic violations in California.

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