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Wejo launches Wejo Studio, for connected vehicle data

At MOVE AmericaWejo Limited unveiled Wejo Studio, a web-based SaaS platform that analyzes data from millions of connected vehicles and translates billions of data points in near real-time into game-changing traffic and journey insights for all business users to leverage. Organizations—from public sector transportation departments to real estate companies to fleet and logistics companies and beyond—can unlock a deeper understanding of mobility trends, enabling them to make smarter decisions faster, innovate and solve problems more effectively.

Organizations understand the value of CVD in transforming the way we live, work, and travel: CVD improves street safety, makes cities more livable and sustainable, creates new revenue streams for retailers and provides better personal transportation experiences for drivers. However, the complexity and volume of CVD can make it overwhelming and costly for some organizations to manipulate, manage and gain specific insights — hindering them from getting value from CVD.

Now, with Wejo Studio, organizations can gain insights and unlock the powerful value from CVD easily and without the cost of managing bigdata or required technical capabilities. Wejo is continually expanding the ways it allows access to insights queries that run over such a large and complex data asset. Wejo Studio’s model aligns with those plans, providing insights to customers rather than the source data itself. It offers standardized traffic and journey visualizations across several themes tailored toward a broad range of different industries and use cases, including the following Insights Products:

  • Intersection Performance: Help traffic planners quickly understand how drivers move through intersections; visualize turning movement counts, turning movement ratios and peak-hours, filtering by time and day.
  • Origin/Destination: Determine travel patterns of drivers by visualizing journeys from start to finish across cities, counties and states; filter by zip code and vehicle type to understand journey trends by time and location.
  • Points of Interest: Using specific points of interest, whether stores, offices, stations or charge points to help retailers, property managers and service providers understand where drivers’ travel from, how long they stay at the POI and where they go when they leave.
  • Waypoints: Select roads, public infrastructure, billboards or other waypoints that vehicles may pass by to make better decisions on road management, traffic planning or marketing communications by identifying the type of vehicles and the approximate start and end of their journeys.
  • Historical Traffic Patterns: Identify congestion bottlenecks, see how vehicle density varies through time, understand average driving speed and travel times and get a good understanding of mobility pain points across the road network.

Intersection Performance and Origin-Destination are the first two Wejo Studio Insights Products available to customers on Oct. 8. Additional Wejo Studio Insights Products will be enriched over the coming months.

“We heard loud and clear from customers in many sectors that they saw the tremendous value in CVD but didn’t have a cost-effective and efficient way to harness its power. We’re thrilled to offer a solution, Wejo Studio, so CVD is democratized to all our customers,” said Richard Barlow, founder & CEO, Wejo. “Wejo is leading the mobility revolution, transforming the way we live, work and travel.”

“We’ve long been privy to inferences stemming from other data sources but never able to accurately test the truth of our findings through the power of connected vehicle data,” said Frank Perry, senior traffic project manager for GHD, a global professional services company that leads through engineering, construction and architectural expertise. “With Wejo Studio, we can directly tap into the tremendous data insights it provides and understand first-hand the big picture of what’s happening within the areas we serve.”

This news comes on the heels of growing interest in connected vehicle data and promises for its applications across sectors. Microsoft, Palantir Technologies, Sompo Holdings, and General Motors have all become or agreed to become strategic investors in Wejo in connection with Wejo’s pending business combination with Virtuoso Acquisition Corp. expected to close later this year.

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