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Wejo: Societal benefits & opportunities from the connected car data market

In this second report from the series, Wejo looks at how the rapidly expanding connected car data market offers huge untapped potential for consumers, and for society as a whole.

Study participants cited safety as the biggest and most important benefit to society, with connected technology making vehicles safer for drivers, passengers, and other road users. This new data allows for faster, more efficient emergency service responses and also encourages drivers to behave more responsibly.  In this chapter, Wejo will examine how the connected car market can also bring about significant improvements in the efficiency of public transport and road systems; improving productivity, reducing travel costs, and minimizing fuel emissions. It will also explore how this new data has the potential to help the socially isolated reconnect with friends and family and access essential services and leisure activities.

The most important topics in the societal context identified by the research were:

  • Safety benefits
  • Transport efficiency & environmental benefits
  • Mobility reintegration

“Most effective change [in the context of the exploitation of data] happens when data is collected and used for very tangible, graspable reasons, answering questions like “How does this make things better?” and then determining what data you need to pull together to do this. For example, “Improving Car Safety” needs to pull together OEM car performance data, information on accident blackspots, driver behavior data, etc, etc. Car people need to think about “social physics” and the wider societal basis for successful change.”

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Oxford University

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