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ZF and CATL join forces for an optimal aftermarket service in e-mobility and energy storage

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) and ZF Group signed a global strategic partnership agreement to push forward cooperation in aftermarket services, including service network, battery-related training, connectivity, recycling and reuse, etc. ZF and CATL intend to facilitate the mutual transfer of knowledge and expertise, according to the agreement, to enable a sustainable ecosystem and with that an attractive mobility experience for everyone.

CATL, a global leader in new energy technologies, will enhance its global aftersales capabilities and efficiency with this collaboration. ZF with more than 10,000 workshop partners in its global aftermarket and with the growing products for electric vehicles in OEM quality, will be considered the preferred option in CATL’s service network expansion. Under the agreement, CATL will provide ZF with comprehensive battery training know-how, which will be combined with ZF’s DGUV high voltage training to further enhance the competitiveness of its training programs and other aftersales services.

The two parties also agree to jointly establish and uplift standards to be the benchmark for the industry.

With the common vision and mission on sustainability, ZF Group and CATL also agreed to cooperate on data connectivity and recycling resp. reuse.

“Enabling creative collaboration between companies can jump-start business innovation. We are proud to be able to complement our aftermarket competencies with those of one of the world’s leaders in new energy. Together with CATL we will bring the global footprint and leading service solutions of ZF’s Aftermarket Division further into play”, said Dr. Holger Klein, member of the Board of Management, ZF Group. “We want to drive growth which regenerates and actually improves our natural world. ZF is pursuing corporate responsibility in green energy and low carbon outlay and is committed to realizing the future vision of ‘zero emission and zero accident’.”

“The partnership with ZF is an important step towards developing a global comprehensive value chain of batteries. With the support of ZF’s worldwide network, we will further enhance our global aftermarket service and continue to deliver customer-driven new energy products to the world,” said Zhou Jia, President of CATL. “Together with ZF, we are also confident that we can contribute to the global trend towards e-mobility and net zero emissions.”

It is the strong conviction of both companies – ZF Group and CATL – to play a leading role in shaping the next generation mobility, not only through technical innovations, but also through leading aftermarket services. The promising start of the new strategic partnership proves that, together you can find more efficiently convincing answers to the challenges of transformation.

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