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Allstate files patent for autonomous car repair system

Date: April 08, 2024.Allstate Insurance Company has filed a patent application for an “Autonomous Car Repair” (ACR) system. The application, identified by the number USPTO 20240095686, was submitted by inventors Mark E. Faga and Paul Albert Sheetz. The system aims to streamline vehicle maintenance and repair services, making them more convenient and less time-consuming for drivers. The proposed solution addresses the inefficiencies associated with traditional auto shop visits for routine maintenance or repairs, which can often take a significant amount of time.

The concept hinges on the car’s built-in artificial intelligence continuously monitoring its systems and sensors. For minor issues, the ACR system could enact repairs itself, while for more complex problems, it would schedule service appointments or request roadside assistance.

For Allstate, the benefits could be twofold. Faster diagnosis and repair could lead to lower claim payouts by minimizing damage and getting vehicles back on the road quicker. Additionally, proactive maintenance features could reduce accidents caused by mechanical failures.

However, before hitting the road, ACR must navigate the approval process at the USPTO. Moreover, the application will need to convince examiners of the technical feasibility of the system, including the technologies used for self-diagnosis and repair. Furthermore, robust safety measures and data security protocols to protect sensitive diagnostic information will be crucial for approval.

If successful, Allstate’s ACR system could pave the way for a future where car maintenance becomes a self-managed affair for autonomous vehicles.

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