LG Innotek leads LiDAR innovation for self-driving cars

Date: April 08, 2024.LG Innotek has developed high-performance LiDAR sensors.

The new LiDAR sensors by LG Innotek can detect objects up to 250 meters away, even in adverse weather conditions. This is a significant improvement over existing products, which could only detect objects up to 15 meters away in similar conditions. Moreover, the increased detection distance allows autonomous vehicles to have a longer braking distance, enabling them to drive at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

LG Innotek’s innovation also includes the application of short-wave infrared in their LiDAR, which is less affected by light scattering and ensures high-resolution imaging at all angles. This allows for better visibility of low-reflectivity obstacles, such as pedestrians in dark clothing and tires, even under poor weather conditions like snow and fog.

The company aims to leverage its optical business capabilities to become a global leader in the sensing market, building on its success in the smartphone camera module market. LG Innotek’s CEO, Moon Hyuk-soo, expressed the company’s ambition to extend its leading position in smartphone camera modules to automotive sensing solutions.

The global LiDAR market for autonomous vehicles is expected to grow significantly, from $2.1 billion in 2025 to $11.2 billion by 2030, with further growth anticipated as autonomous driving technology advances. Moreover, LG Innotek plans to supply its new LiDAR products to domestic and North American clients in the near future and is in discussions about mass-producing high-performance rotary LiDAR by 2026.

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