Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous car drives and parks itself in real Seoul traffic

The team from mobile carrier LG U+, Hanyang University’s Automotive Control and Electronics Laboratory (ACE Lab) and Korean company Controlworks successfully tested the self-parking system running on the carrier’s 5G network.

After 137 test runs, the team demonstrated the technology to local reporters on 17th Dec. in an uncontrolled, real-life setting in Sangam-dong, western Seoul. The vehicle, Hyundai Motors’ Genesis GV80, autonomously drove 800 meters (0.5 miles) through the neighborhood and parked itself in a parking zone nearby.

The parking zone and space were designated by the driver using a mobile app, which also provides a real-time location of the self-driving vehicle on a virtual map. Once the car is parked, the mobile app sends a notification saying the delivery was safely done.

Although it wasn’t a part of the demonstration, LG U+ said the technology is about for the driver to summon the vehicle out of the parking zone also. The company explained that the system can save a minimum of 10 minutes that might have been taken trying to find an area, parking the vehicle and walking to and from the ultimate destination.

LG U+’s role was to create a cloud-based central platform that receives live information on traffic signals, roads and parking lots then sends it to the mobile app. High-speed, low-latency 5G connection plays a pivotal role in that process, the carrier says, as driving requires a fast input and processing of data in real time.

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