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Booming of Personal Security in India: Turning Challenges into Solutions


Security is more important than ever in today’s world. According to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India annual reports, the annual spending on Security and Welfare in India is 1.6 trillion Rupees. This article will discuss how the use of IoT devices can solve many issues in the Security segment.

IoT devices can be used as a security tool in a variety of ways to track and trace individuals & raise an alarm in case of emergency. Alerts can be enabled by security personnel, police or any other controlling unit and hospitals in case of a medical emergency. Another challenge in today’s world is tracking and locating pets and farm animals if they go missing.

The use of real-time data, SOS and Geofencing can help to increase the security of people and animals. Organizations who seek to increase security in other use cases can leverage the same device for the safety and security of their employees.


  1. Offices and Banks

Security Personnel is present in almost every organization, but they are not capable to provide immediate help to those who are in need. If someone assaults an employee or poses a threat, how can an employee call for help without being noticed and how much time it can take to raise the alarm? Let’s suppose an IoT device with an SOS

button or a 2-way voice communication function is fitted under the table. Once it has been pressed, the security personnel receives an alarm and can react immediately. Such IoT safety solutions can be helpful for Cashiers, Bank Managers or any other type of front desk employees.

  1. Women Security

Women’s security is one of the most emerging and sensitive problems in today’s world. According to the National Commission of Women, already 23 722 safety complaints have been made by women in 2021.

Travelling from work to home, being on a business trip or walking to a grocery store alone might pose a risk for women’s security. Although there are safety tools, such as pepper spray, shock gun or others, they are usually not effective and can be used against the victim. To increase the security of a person, an IoT tracking device with an SOS Alert button is an effective solution, which helps to discreetly call for help or inform a relative, security guard or police officer.

  1. Lone Workers

Lone workers usually don’t have any close supervision and travel to distant locations where they are at great risk of accidents. Having a personal tracker with an SOS Alert button could help to inform the authority or their family if they are in any danger or their life is at risk. Such a solution could help lone workers to feel safe and, if needed, call for help instantly. One more thing that is worth mentioning is a No-Movement Alert that sends an automatic alert message if the worker is not able to move. In that case, the responsible person can immediately send help to the tracked location.

  1. Sports

In a sports event like cycling, marathon, kayak or other, an athlete cannot be traced throughout the race. The checkpoints are far away with a distance of at least 1 or 2 km. In this case, the athlete can be tracked between the checkpoints using an IoT device. A medical or emergency alert can be raised through IoT devices by using a SOS button, while the athlete can be tracked using the GPS location.

  1. School Children

Even though children are safe in schools and home using 21st century gadgets, such as a close circuit camera, they need to be secure in the playgrounds, school bus or on their way home. There is always a fear of a missing child. Kids could be kidnapped or face other dangers while they are alone. A smart IoT device could help to track children and help them to easily raise an alarm when necessary. This would increase the security of children and parents could relax while their children are outside learning new things.

  1. Pets and Farm Animals

Have you ever lost your pet? How did you find it? Or is your pet lost forever? These questions themselves evoke emotions. It can take a lot of effort to find a beloved pet or farm animal. This could be prevented by the use of an IoT tracker. A tracker attached to the collar of the animal helps to continuously monitor the location and easily find them if they go missing.

  1. Drivers & Security Personnel

Crimes happen everywhere – in the streets, at home, at offices or even on public transport. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, cargo transport drivers face enormous stress during their shifts, and attacks happen when they are focused on the road. How many lives could have been saved if they called for help immediately? IoT tracker can help to raise an alert quicker than with a phone in the event of an accident and save drivers’ life. Imagine a device, where a simple press of a button can instantly get assistance and alert the authorities. Security guards can also benefit from this during patrolling at night. This can minimize the call-to-action time to a minimum.


IoT Security system is a smart tracker, with its main features such as SOS button, 2-way voice communication module with a GPS technology and data cellular connectivity with a SIM Card. These functionalities are widely used in the USE CASES mentioned above. Configuration of the device is limitless, and the use cases list could be even more extended. If you are looking for a solution, which can increase the security of employees, family members, kids, pets, guards or lone workers – the IoT device is the most effective solution for you. It simply sends a pre-recorded message and informs the responsible person even if there is no signal available inside a building. Overall, the design, features and configuration possibilities of the IoT device help to prevent crimes and increase security.


  • Security Management. Where an individual can be tracked and be provided with instant help in case of


  • Health Emergencies. As the devices has a SOS button and can make calls, it can also help an individual to get

emergency health services.

  • Drivers attacked. As well it can help to increase the safety and response time when public transport drivers are being attacked, where a driver can create an alert for any mishaps on the road and they can quickly receive help from the authorities near them.
  • Safety of Kids. The IoT device is a perfect tool to increase safety of kids at school or parks. Kids can be con- tinuously monitored and in a case of emergency, family members or authorities can act quickly to provide the required help.
  • Farm Animals. If any of the animals goes missing during grazing or any circumstances, they can be tracked and brought back to home


As discussed IoT solution earlier, we see great potential for increasing security in a variety of sectors. This solution generally adds many values, such as quick response time, real-time monitoring & increases personal security.

Here in India, security is becoming more and more important, and IoT can help to achieve safety goals. From children & women to lone workers and office employees, IoT trackers can help us to protect everyone and every day.

These systems can be used by the police, fire Fighters & hospitals to decrease the response time for any mishaps in the area. Moreover, it can be used on a greater scale to increase security in the city.

Since the market requires such a solution, more and more companies are trying to supply the needs. One such company is Teltonika. Located in the heart of Europe, Lithuania, with experience of more than 24 years in developing IoT solutions, they are working since the revolution of 2G has started in India. Teltonika currently has more than 1700 Employees worldwide and 28 offices in more than 18 countries. Teltonika’s mission is to help people and they are achieving this with smart IoT solutions. Teltonika provides a 2-year warranty for all of its products.


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