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California startup Airspace Link, talks about drone’s highway in sky

Initiative will enable safer drone flight operations, create a new drone economy that will generate jobs and establish first responder emergency operations in the air.

Airspace Link, Inc. announced it partnered with the City of Ontario, California to launch the first-of-its-kind digital drone infrastructure in the sky. Ontario is the first city in California to use Airspace Link’s innovative
platform called AirHub, a GIS-based digital mapping system to determine the safest, most efficient route for a drone to take on the way to pick up and deliver items.

The initiative will unlock new advanced, autonomous drone solutions to enhance both public safety and business operations, such as package delivery and emergency first responder operations, resulting in a better quality of life for the citizens of Ontario.

Airspace Link is bridging the gaps across federal, state and local municipalities by enabling drones to fly safely throughout communities with AirHub, which is the digital infrastructure solution Airspace Link has invented.

With safety in mind, Airspace Link, the City of Ontario and Ontario International Airport are also collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration to open up more airspace to support drone flights through the use of Airspace Link’s technology.

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