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AVer & Bosch partner for premium AV solutions

Taipei, Taiwan – January 4th, 2024 – AVer Information Inc., has partnered with Bosch to develop a seamless audiovisual solution for streaming  everything from conferences to training sessions. The two technology leaders collaborated to ensure that AVer’s premium Pro AV cameras pair perfectly with Bosch’s Conference and Discussion Systems. Moreover, this collaboration aims to help you deliver fully interactive, highly engaging streams.

Bosch’s conference solutions include the CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System and the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System. Additionally, they offer the DICENTIS Conference System. These solutions provide powerful audio pickup and processing, as well as security for protecting your sensitive data. On the video side, AVer’s PTZ300(N) and PTZ300U(N)V2 Series Professional PTZ cameras provide high-quality imaging. They offer super-low latency and silky smooth PTZ movement. The live video feed shows the active speaker on monitors. Furthermore, the PTZ camera stores the position of the PTZ camera. It is also triggered by the conference system over the IP-based ONVIF Profile S protocol.

The end-to-end solutions these product combinations create are an immediate upgrade (or an  optimal industry entry point) due to the following features: 

Proven integration: AVer’s Pro AV solutions integrate seamlessly with the CCS 1000 D  Digital Discussion System and the DICENTIS Conference System via ONVIF Profile S. • Conference Systems from Bosch are highly secure and are extremely versatile. Moreover, they offer  solutions for different application areas, from small local events to giant international  summits. 

Intuitive system setup: You don’t need a team of IT experts to install the system thanks to  simple LAN, HDMI, USB, and IP connections. 

Extreme detail: Up to 30X zoom from AVer’s PTZ cameras gives you the ability to make auditoriums feel intimate. It also allows you to get up close and personal with products or presentation materials.

Audio Expertise: Bosch’s premium audio system ensures it amplifies your voice loudly and clearly. Bosch’s premium audio system ensures it amplifies your voice loudly and clearly. It also supports up to 100 interpretation languages.

“We’re excited about the Bosch-AVer partnership. It is aimed at improving streaming and remote collaboration for our users,” said Ruud Michiels, Bosch Building Technologies, Product Variants &  Integration Partner Program. “The Integration Partner Program unlocks new opportunities to build  solutions that will amaze our customers”. 

“Broadening access to the latest in content creation and streaming is what drives us here at AVer,”  said AVer Vice President Stanley Cheng. “With DICENTIS by Bosch, we’re able to deliver Pro AV  excellence that fuels growth for users all over the world.” 

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