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Cambridge Mobile Telematics launches next-generation platform for proactive claims

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) announced DriveWell Crash & Claims, the most advanced telematics solution for auto insurance claims. The highly anticipated efficiency and effectiveness that telematics brings to claims is now a reality. Before telematics crash data, insurers had to wait for customers to call before reacting to a claim, manually collecting information and entering it into their systems. Now, with DriveWell Crash & Claims, insurers can offer proactive, real-time services to their customers, providing peace of mind and life-saving help. Telematics crash data helps insurers create a streamlined claims experience for their customers after a traumatic event.

CMT has pioneered telematics-based car crash detection. Since CMT first began detecting car crashes with mobile telematics in 2016, 18 organizations worldwide have adopted the company’s crash and claims products and solutions. Over 2.1 million drivers are protected every day by CMT-powered crash detection and proactive claims services.

“We’ve been leveraging telematics data to speed up the claims process for our Snapshot mobile customers,” said Aimee Swartz, Director of Claims Process at Progressive Insurance. “By utilizing telematics data, we’re able to detect major accidents, and leverage driving data to help expedite the claims process to get our customers back on the road sooner.”

By using CMT’s AI-driven DriveWell® platform to detect car crashes from sensor data, auto insurers can proactively help customers with emergency and tow services within seconds of a crash. Learning about a crash as soon as it happens also enables insurers to use in-network providers, reducing the cost of each claim.

Real-time services like crash assistance are popular with consumers, averaging a Net Promoter Score of over 80. These services help insurers increase digital adoption and fuel the growth of proactive claims services.

“The paradigm shift with DriveWell Crash & Claims is that we’re now able to detect crashes and understand critical information about the crash within seconds. This information took many hours or even days to reach insurers in the past. Now they can be proactive and make decisions much sooner,” said Cornelius Young, VP of Product, Crash and Claims for CMT. “It’s a virtuous cycle. Consumers want the peace of mind offered by crash detection and emergency response. Insurers want to help their customers and make claims operations more efficient.”

DriveWell Crash & Claims features not only real-time crash detection and assistance, but also total loss, injury, and fraud detection capabilities.

Total loss indicator: By analyzing the telematics data available at the time of a crash, along with other accident and vehicle details, CMT can identify when a vehicle is a total loss. Determining when a vehicle is a total loss at or near the time of crash will save auto insurers hundreds of dollars per claim and help them get customers back on the road faster.

Injury detection: DriveWell Crash & Claims identifies crashes with potential injuries. Injury detection helps insurers channel the right claim to the right adjuster sooner, ensuring more experienced adjusters handle more complex claims and reduce legal costs.

Fraud identification: DriveWell Crash & Claims helps insurers identify fraud faster. With telematics data like date, time, location, driving patterns, and other data points, insurers can better identify fraudulent claims.

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