Autonomous Vehicle

Continental and AWS create cloud-based automotive software

Continental is collaborating with Amazon Web Services to develop cloud-based automotive software.

Dubbed Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge), the new platform connects ground vehicles to the cloud. The tool also features a virtual workbench that offers many options for developing, delivering, and maintaining software-intensive system functions. Furthermore, the workbench allows drivers to download convenient and easy software updates for the functions they want.

A key component of the project includes importing camera and radar data from a vehicle fleet into the CAEdge platform, which will then be used for highly automated driving simulations. Additionally, to processing vast amounts of vehicular data, CAEdge supports all steps in developing highly automated and autonomous driving systems, including sensor data collection, model training, and virtual simulations.

Essentially, the computing power provided by AWS and machine learning makes it possible for individual development steps that used to take several weeks now take a few hours

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