Dalmia teams up with drivebuddyAI for road safety revolution

Date: April 18, 2024.Dalmia Transports & Logistics, a company in the cement industry, helps move materials like cement for construction projects, has partnered with drivebuddyAI, a company that develops AI-powered technology to improve fleet safety and driver behavior in the commercial transportation industry. This strategic alliance aims to integrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) into Dalmia’s fleet operations, primarily within the cement sector in Kanpur, UP.

The partnership follows a rigorous three-month validation process of drivebuddyAI’s ADAS technology, which has led to a five-year engagement contract. Mr. Naman Dalmia, partner of Dalmia Transport, has expressed his confidence in the ADAS technology’s potential to transform trucking operations by improving driver management and reducing risks associated with driver fatigue, excessive phone usage, and seatbelt non-compliance.

ADAS technology includes features like collision avoidance systems, blind spot detectors, and driver drowsiness detection. These features are crucial for both commercial and private vehicles. The integration of this technology with video-telematics allows for real-time monitoring of driver behavior. It also enables the provision of audio warnings through AI Dashcams.

The collected data serves dual purposes: monitoring and coaching drivers to enhance driving habits, thus bolstering road safety. E-training modules developed from this data will further assist drivers in honing their skills.

This initiative aims to consistently optimize fleet operations and driver behavior over time. It will do so with the help of AI assistance, proactive fleet monitoring, and driver coaching. The ultimate goal is to reduce accidents and improve Turnaround Time (TAT), thereby achieving real Return on Investment (ROI) in logistics operations.

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