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Digital tire monitoring in the cloud: Continental launches ContiConnect ™ Live

ContiConnect ™ Live measures and transfers tire data to the cloud in real time

Continental has launched ContiConnect ™ Live, digital solution for tire monitoring to complement ContiPressureCheck and ContiConnect Yard. With ContiConnect ™ Live, the collected data on tire pressure and temperature are sent in real-time to a cloud using a central telematics unit. In addition, the unit transmits the vehicle’s location using GPS and records the operating hours of the tires. By evaluating the information, the fleet benefits from reduced downtimes, lower maintenance costs, and an extended operating time. ContiConnect ™ Live is available for all special tires from Continental equipped with sensor technology. The application will first be rolled out in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Norway, France and Portugal.

ContiConnect ™ Live: Flexible and location-independent fleet management

Fleets with high tire costs and a high need for machine availability require constant monitoring of the tire condition. In contrast to ContiConnect ™ Yard, the live version does not require any location-specific yard station on the application site with access to the cellular network. Instead the data is transferred directly to a cloud and can be accessed there.

Cloud solution increases speed and reliability

The fully integrated control solution for the tire condition consists of various components: The intelligent tire from Continental measures inflation pressure and temperature with the factory-fitted sensor inside the tire. The sensor data are sent in real time to the integrated central telematics unit.

From there, the data is transferred to the cloud, where it can be accessed via the web portal. In the web portal, a detailed view of the vehicle including alarm, pressure and temperature history as well as GPS data and operating hours is made available. If the data is not ideal, fleet managers are proactively informed via SMS or email, which minimizes flat tires and increases the safety of drivers and vehicles. This enables fleet managers to monitor tires flexibly, regardless of where the vehicles are located.

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