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Dutch car-sharing to use bidirectional charging tech for its EVs

Dutch carsharing operator MyWheels is deploying carsharing solution CloudBoxx from Invers to make their new fleet of bidirectional chargeable cars sharing ready. The company is partnering with We Drive Solar for bi-drectional charging technology. MyWheels is thus enabling a solution that uses cars as a neighbourhood energy storage facility for its customers in Utrecht.

“Bidirectional charging balances electricity demand while carsharing answers mobility needs,” says Invers CEO Alexander Kirn. “We’re excited to combine our sharing expertise with innovative mobility technologies like this.”

MyWheels launched over a decade ago and grew to become the largest carsharing platform in the Netherlands by late 2022, connecting more than 200,000 users to shared vehicles.

Invers is a mobility technology company that provides the backend platforms and onboard devices needed to launch and manage different types of shared vehicle services. They enable mobility service providers to launch, operate and scale vehicle sharing offerings like carsharing, ridesharing, micromobility etc. Their platforms handle things like user authentication, vehicle reservations and unlocking, trip management, billing and payments. They provide onboard vehicle devices (called CloudBoxx) that manage the sharing functionality within vehicles. These devices connect the vehicles to the backend platform. Founded in 1993, Invers has locations in Siegen, Cologne and Vancouver, developing entirely in Germany.

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