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India: eBikeGo launches AI-based telematics solution for fleet management

eBikeGo has launched a unique IoT system connected to mobility EBG-Matics, which it says will make its e-fleets smarter and give the utmost efficiency in the EV ecosystem.

The EBG-Matcis follows a 0.5 – 5 – 50 formula, in which 0.5 implies that the vehicle should be repaired within half an hour in case of any downtime or fault, 5 means that vehicles and their assets should last at least 5 years, and 50 means that only 50 percent of the cost should be spent on maintenance.

The company says the EBG-Matics uses AI and machine learning to analyze rider and vehicle behavior in order to track and improve efficiency to achieve its mission. Insurance companies and banks can also benefit from EBG-Matics. According to the company banks and insurance companies grant petrol vehicles 90 percent financing and electric vehicles 70 percent financing as they don’t have differentiated data available for the green vehicles. But EV fleets using EBG-Matics’ will be able to generate the data to show them which models are best for getting the best financing. It can also assist insurance companies by providing data indicating which riders are driving safely and which are not. They can modify their insurance policies accordingly.

Furthermore, full analytics data or business intelligence may be offered to food delivery firms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Big Basket, or Amazon using EBG-Matics. This allows them to determine whether the motorist is driving erratically and misusing assets or not. They’ll be given a driving score. At present, most of the companies track the driver using mobile phones, but they don’t obtain the driver’s qualities from the phones; instead, they will get the driver’s attributes via EBG-Matics. 

As a result, they will be able to make any commercial judgments based on this. It will provide modern vehicle tracking solutions with conventional traditional features such as position, orientation, speed and range estimation in vehicle tracking units.

Vehicle depreciation is accurately modelled by EBG-Matics. The time of actual usage during that ownership, driving/parking circumstances, maintenance records, and so on have all become more important as a result of the IoT feature. This IoT-enabled EBG-Matics will provide information that can be utilised to provide useful feedback to manufacturers, dealers, and others.

The company says EBG-Matics will be included as standard in all eBikeGo fleets and may be used to effectively rate the vehicle’s health using the eBikeGo rating system. Consumers will be able to tell how nice a vehicle is based on its eBikeGo rating. This will be the standard for all future electric vehicles.

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