Phoenix Motor to use Ray Osprey H2 Lidar

ANAHEIM, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2023 / Phoenix Motor Inc. today announced that will pre-install Rayz Technologies’ LiDAR sensors in its electric vehicles. The company’s future product lines, including electric pickup trucks, buses, trucks, and other models will be fully equipped with Rays LIDAR Osprey H2.

Rayz Technologies LiDAR sensor Osprey H2 is a mid-to-long-range, automotive-grade LiDAR specially designed for the ADAS pre-installed mass production market.

Rayz Technologies’ Osprey LiDAR sensor has detection range of 260m with a 10% reflection target and a maximum range of 320m, point cloud data rate of 1.5 million points/second (single echo), field of view of 120° x 25° with angular resolution of 0.1°x0.2°, at half of the power consumption of the industrial norm in an ultra-compact volume.

Compared to similar 905nm LiDAR products, Osprey H2 uses 30% less key optoelectronic components in its transceiver system. Compared with 1550nm LiDAR products, Osprey H2 achieves a cost reduction of more than 60%.

“LiDAR is an important sensor for realizing autonomous driving. The Rayz team has a deep understanding of LiDAR-related technologies, and the comprehensive performance of its new product Osprey is eye-catching. We are glad to see Osprey will be fully adopted in various smart models to empower Phoenix’s smart driving”, said Denton Peng, Chairman and CEO of Phoenix. “In the future, the two parties will work together to further integrate their respective technologies and jointly develop the application of autonomous driving solutions in a wider range of scenarios, allowing more people to benefit from the convenience and safety brought by autonomous driving,” Peng also commented.

“Phoenix Motorcars is a pioneer in the global commercial electric vehicle field and is actively expanding into the light-duty vehicle field. We are honored that Phoenix has chosen Rayz Osprey products among many LiDAR products. We are looking forward to bringing consumers a safer, smarter and richer travel experience with Phoenix Motorcars”, said Chen Ruxin, CEO of Rayz Technologies.

About Phoenix Motor Inc.

Phoenix Motor Inc., a pioneer in the electric vehicle (“EV”) industry, designs, builds, and integrates electric drive systems and light and medium duty EVs and sells electric forklifts and electric vehicle chargers for the commercial and residential markets. Phoenix operates two primary brands, “Phoenix Motorcars”, which is focused on commercial products including medium duty EVs (shuttle buses, school buses, municipal transit vehicles and delivery trucks, among others), electric vehicle chargers and electric forklifts, and “EdisonFuture”, which intends to offer light-duty EVs. Phoenix endeavors to be a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of electric vehicles and electric vehicle technologies. For more information, please visit:

About Rayz Technologies Co., Ltd

Rayz Technologies Co., Ltd, a leading provider of high-performance and full-category LiDAR solutions, who persists in 4C high standards (Competence, Compactness, Cost-effectiveness, Continuity) to create each product with outstanding performance of ranging, resolution, volume, cost, and reliability in the industry. Rayz products can be widely used in ADAS, autonomous driving, intelligent infrastructure, robots, surveying and mapping and other fields. Its rich product portfolio includes flagship front-view LiDAR with ultra-long detection distance, cost-effective front-view LiDAR with medium-to-long detection distance, and medium-to-short-range blind-spot LiDAR. The company has cooperated with many mainstream automotive companies, autonomous-driving companies, smart infrastructure companies and leading enterprises in the industrial field.

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SOURCE: Phoenix Motorcars Inc.

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