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e-con Systems unveils 5MP shutter camera for NVIDIA Jetson Orin

California & Chennai (Mar 27, 2024): e-con Systems™, a company that designs and manufactures high-tech cameras for capturing sharp images of fast-moving objects in applications like robotics and traffic monitoring, introduces a 5MP Global shutter Color camera — e-CAM56_CUOAGX, the latest addition to its esteemed Sony® Pregius S camera series for NVIDIA Jetson Orin. The e-CAM56_CUOAGX is engineered to capture fast-moving objects at high frame rates with exceptional precision and clarity, leveraging the advanced Sony® Pregius S IMX568 sensor and e-con Systems™ expertise in embedded vision technology. 

e-con Systems™, as an NVIDIA Elite partner, provides synchronized multi-camera solutions for NVIDIA Jetson platforms, supporting up to four cameras for seamless integration. Moreover, this high-performance camera supports an external trigger feature, ensuring precise synchronization for coordinated multi-camera capture. It achieves a maximum frame rate of up to 280 fps. This minimizes frame-to-frame distortion and ensures the accurate capture of fast-moving objects. Furthermore, its multi-ROI capture capability enables the capture of multiple Regions of Interest in a single frame. This also increases the camera’s frame rate up to 1164 fps.

With decades of experience in ISP fine tuning, e-con has excelled in fine tuning the NVIDIA host ISP, resulting in exceptional image quality. This camera comes equipped with superior NIR performance, ensuring exceptional imaging quality in both low-light conditions and NIR spectrum.

“In a rapidly evolving market, demands for precision imaging at high frame rate are paramount. The e-CAM56_CUOAGX emerges as the perfect solution. Moreover, with its cutting-edge features including Synchronized multi-camera support, multi-ROI capture with high frame rate, 5 MP resolution, global shutter capability, and NIR excellence, this camera sets a new standard for imaging excellence, ensuring that our customers in the embedded vision industry can capture sharp images of objects in motion at high frame rate for various applications like smart traffic, industrial automation, robotic arms, drones and sports broadcasting.” said Suresh Madhu, Head of Product Marketing at e-con Systems.


For evaluating the capabilities of the e-CAM56_CUOAGX, please visit the online web store and purchase the product.

Customization and integration support

e-con Systems, with its deep expertise in and knowledge of various camera interfaces, provides the necessary customization services. It also offers end-to-end integration support for e-CAM56_CUOAGX. It ensures that unique application requirements can be easily met. 

We specialize in developing cameras based on any SONY® Pregius sensor, offering options with high resolution up to 20MP. Moreover, if you are looking for any customization or integration support, please write to us at

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