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LG Innotek unveils camera module with built-in heater for autonomous cars

Date: February 20, 2024.LG Innotek has revealed a new camera module that features a built-in heater for autonomous vehicles. The module is designed to prevent frost and snow from obstructing the camera lens. This is essential for safe and reliable driving in cold climates.

The company claims that its camera module is the first of its kind to use a direct heating method. This method warms up the bottom side of the lens directly. This is more efficient and faster than conventional indirect heating methods, which heat up the entire camera unit. The module also uses positive temperature coefficient materials. These regulate the current and temperature automatically to avoid overheating and damaging the lens.

According to LG Innotek, the camera module can defrost a frozen lens in just four minutes at minus 18 degrees Celsius, while consuming only up to 4W of power. This is a significant improvement over existing solutions, which take twice as long and consume more energy. The company says that its module can ensure clear and accurate imaging for autonomous vehicles even in harsh weather conditions.

LG Innotek showcased its camera module at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas last month, and plans to start mass production by 2027. The company expects that its module will be in high demand in the global market for autonomous vehicles. The market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 7 percent to reach $10.03 billion by 2030.

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