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Elektrobit and Canonical announce EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu

Elektrobit and Canonical announced EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu. Available immediately from Elektrobit, the new solution provides OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with the benefits and flexibility of an open-source operating system for developing electronic control units (ECUs) in software-defined vehicles. It integrates Ubuntu, provided by Canonical, in a solution that addresses the specific needs of the automotive sector.

EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu will enable the application of open-source Linux to ECU application development, while ensuring compliance to processes needed for automotive mass production across development and in-vehicle systems with embedded devices.

EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu offers a rich and flexible open-source development environment. It enables carmakers to leverage advancements that have already been made by the massive community of world-class open-source developers while developing innovations of their own. EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu fills a major gap in the functional architectures of software-defined vehicles, giving them more flexibility as well as access to a large pool of experienced, motivated application developers.

EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu is a completely customizable software package that comes with a software-development kit (SDK), tooling and source code. Highly modular common binary packages are combined and configured in an application-specific solution.

Open-source development is a key asset in many industries as there is no vendor lock-in, which is a major advantage in reducing investment risk when building new platform ecosystems. The open-source nature of EB corbos Linux – built-on Ubuntu makes it simple to study and inspect, speeding up development. Elektrobit provides long-term security and hardware maintenance, giving customers an automotive ECU solution from a single source, leveraging all the advantages of open-source software. Customers gain added value with security updates and issue resolution during the complete life cycle of their automotive projects. 

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