Vehicle Telematics

Eyeris and TI collaborate to introduce in-cabin sensing AI solution

D3 Engineering Supports the Solution with TI's TDA4-based Product Development Kits Loaded with Eyeris AI Software

Eyeris Technologies, Inc., announced its collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI) on an in-cabin sensing AI solution, using TI’s Jacinto™ TDA4 processors and 2D RGB-IR image sensors, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. D3 Engineering designs products and integrates technologies from TI and Eyeris using its DesignCore® platform to show this advanced in-cabin monitoring solution for autonomous and highly automated vehicles.

The TDA4 SoC processor enables efficient inference of the Eyeris deep neural network (DNN) portfolio from multiple RGB-IR cameras simultaneously. This complete in-cabin monitoring solution, integrated into the D3 Engineering DesignCore platform is designed for rugged, field-deployable, and production-intent units.

Eyeris DNNs are designed for functional safety standards, flexible camera placements, and efficient inference on low-power edge processors. Eyeris in-cabin sensing portfolio of AI algorithms includes a driver monitoring system (DMS) and occupant monitoring system (OMS) features that adhere to global NCAP requirements.

TI’s TDA4VM processors include embedded analytics acceleration to enable efficient deep learning performance within a low-power envelope. Additionally, these processors are able to perform safety-critical operations up to an ASIL D compliant level while also performing non-safety critical operations on one chip and function at an automotive operating junction temperature of 125 degrees Celsius.

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