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Finally, A Product to Keep an eye on your Fleet: Teltonika Dualcam


Telematics Industry in India is seeing a boom, the market growth is not only exponential but also sustainable. The fleet owners are getting more and more aware and educated about the possibilities to monitor, secure and protect their fleets in the best possible ways, and also saving significant money out of it. And to meet these expectations the engineers and designers keep raising the bar with new ideas and designs.

Now with conventional methods at the back seat, the market competition has pushed innovation to the front seat.
Telematics in definition has gone much beyond longitudes and latitudes one such innovation is dashcam.


Though the concept is not new, these cameras’ viewing coverage capabilities are very limited. However, with Dualcams, this is no longer a challenge you can get almost a 360-degree view with current range of dashcams in the market. We tried few dual cams earlier too, and following all the news and hype, we recently tried Teltonika Dualcam which, in our understanding and experience, outperforms a lot of cameras currently available in the market. Kindly go through the review to make the best decision for yourself.


Right features are always important to make sure we meet our objective and get additional values from the product. With Dualcam, ability to have video record of your trip events; and to ensure safety of passengers or high value packages, reliability and features are deciding factors. DualCam offered by Teltonika comes loaded with features, which ranges from must haves to much needed.

Teltonika made sure to cover almost all the features a dual dashcam should come with, I am sure a lot of effort went into R&D for this. Simultaneous recording from both Cameras, gives the driver’s eye view and view inside the vehicle as well, which is very instrumental. High quality videos and fast video delivery with H265 coding is impressive.

Teltonika dual Cam offers you option to have up to 64 GB of storage and like two cameras you have option to use two micro-SD cards at the same time. This simple option was missing in the market, glad someone took a note of it. Day vision is colour while night is black & white. Installing the camera was very easy, you can do it either with sticky tape or screws. The wide viewing cameras cover almost everything around it, which is impressive given the HD video quality.


Finally a reliable Dual Cam with excellent performance is now in the market and with the proven confidence in the
brand Teltonika, it’s totally worth the money and the hype.

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