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E-Scooter & E-Rickshaw Tracker

One of the main TFT 100 values is its applicability to a variety of electric vehicles, including bikes, scooters, rickshaws, forklifts, and heavy machinery. This is enabled by the exceptional functionality of a wide power supply voltage range (10-97 V DC with overvoltage protection). Another important feature that has been waited for a long time in the market is protocol adaptability to a certain vehicle. For example, an already installed Manual CAN feature provides data on battery health, fuel consumption, odometer values and other key parameters. With regard to interfaces, Teltonika made a step forward by establishing adaptability to different communication protocols CAN, RS232, RS485, UART, allowing to monitor battery health and performance by reading state of charge, temperature and cells voltage from BMS. Besides smart data reading, much of the thought has been put into safety devices. Over speeding, jamming, excessive idling, towing and crash detections are among key scenarios TFT100 can offer when it comes to fleet monitoring peculiarities. The device is also suited for big city environments in almost any weather conditions. TFT100’s operating and storage temperature ranges from -40°C to +85 °C, while the device also adapts to the humidity between 5% and 95%. Also, IP65 classifies a commendable degree of protection against solid objects and water. Gediminas Mikalainis, Chief Marketing Officer at Teltonika Mobility said: “Since the electric mobility market has started
booming in the last decade, the first solutions for businesses were not sufficient enough to fulfil the wide array of needs. We decided to create a multifunctional tracker that does not only accurately monitor the performance of a vehicle, but also identifies malfunctions in advance and contains various scenarios that help the owners to seam-
lessly monitor their fleets. To our knowledge, no similar device has been released in the market, and we are proud of the features and applicability our tracker can provide”.


Equipped with a wide array of smart features, TFT100 proves to be a reliable and exciting tracking device for a number of use cases. Considering its convenient applicability, the tracker can take the Indian market by storm.


As previously mentioned, TFT100‘s boasts versatility in terms of use cases available. Firstly, it is highly applicable to e-scooter or e-rickshaw sharing that continues to evolve in the majjor Indian cities. Similarly, the device can be used by food deliveries businesses to keep track and optimize the workflow of their fleets. Moreover, it may also serve as a solution for manufacturing and logistics businesses, ensuring performance monitoring and timely system reporting for e-forklifts fleets. TFT100 can be also employed in battery swap stations, particularly for 3-wheeler vehicles. Finally, the tracker can be used by EV OEMs that seek to exploit smoother B2B service with an already installed and fully functional IoT mechanism. Other relevant use cases include scissor lifts management or airport electric transport monitoring.

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