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Flash & introduce in-dash parking payment

DETROIT, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/Flash Parking announced a partnership with to bring parking payment capabilities to the dashboards of connected vehicles. The new connected car solution was jointly developed to simplify parking transactions. It will be available via Mavi’s OnMyWay™ Commerce platform.

Flash and will showcase the experience during the Detroit Auto Show Industry Technology Days on September 13th and 14th. They will be located in the Plug and Play demo area (spaces 126-134) in Hall D. Demos will also be available by appointment at 686 Brush Street, an outdoor Flash lot nearby the Detroit Auto Show.

“Connected car dashboards have long enabled hands-free messaging or navigation assistance. However, drivers still fumble for their phones and credit cards when they need to purchase everything from lunch to parking,” said CEO & Founder Cynthia Hollen. “Our partnership with Flash adds another great frictionless transaction to the connected car experience.”

This feature will automatically present parking payment options to drivers who enter a Flash parking garage. These options will appear within their vehicle dashboard. Additionally, connected car drivers can find Flash parking through the in-dash OnMyWay™ Commerce platform. They can also review parking costs based on their estimated parking duration. When a driver is ready to park, they simply tap their screen to confirm the purchase. Flash and will showcase the feature in a 2024 Jeep Grand Wagoneer during the Detroit Auto Show, but they can adapt the integration for any make or model of connected vehicle.

“We have installed Flash technology at 16,000+ parking locations across all major North American cities, laying the groundwork to deliver the cleanest, fastest commerce experience within a connected vehicle,” said Dan Roarty, Chief Digital Officer at Flash. “We aim to develop an intuitive, two-tap solution in partnership with to streamline how we present information and confirm transactions.”

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