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GEM’s low-speed vehicles to use Joyride platform for shared use

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 19, 2023 / — GEM partners with Joyride, to deploy IoT-connected low speed vehicles(LSVs) for shared use. The Joyride platform powers micromobility businesses worldwide. It allows shared mobility businesses to be up and operating within days.

McKinsey & Company forecasts shared mobility could generate up to $1 trillion in consumer spending by 2030. Moreover, the popularity of shared-use mini and micromobility is soaring in urban, suburban, and coastal communities. It accounts for roughly 10% of shared mobility and is considered a convenient and sustainable transportation option. In fact, 43% of U.S. consumers would consider using minimobility. This could become a $100 billion industry by 2030, according to McKinsey.

“Teaming up with Joyride will make four-wheeled, street-legal GEM LSVs IoT-connected for the first time,” said Paul Vitrano, Senior VP & Chief Legal and Policy Officer, Waev Inc. “Having GEM vehicles networked this way will make it painless and profitable to start or maintain a shared-use deployment. Furthermore, the deployment is capable of being controlled and managed by mobile devices.”

“With their compact footprint and low-speed travel, LSVs are efficient, sustainable and fun – while capable of transforming urban mobility and shared-use applications,” said Vince Cifani, Founder and CEO, Joyride. “Partnering with Waev on their GEM products furthers our global mission by providing shared mobility operators with a new option – and increased vehicle capabilities – in sustainable travel.”

Joyride-Powered GEM Platform Features
The GEM and Joyride partnership provides operators with a tech platform that does all the heavy lifting, complete with a branded app, backend management tools, IoT connectivity and hardware integration.

The Joyride platform for GEM includes more than 15 application modules, which include:

  • Fleet management — manage your operations from anywhere and watch your fleet and revenue move with up-to-the-minute monitoring.
  • Geofencing — plot customized zones where your vehicles can be driven.
  • Fleet analytics — receive real-time data on fleet location, productivity, health, charging and maintenance.
  • Payment gateway — pre-authorization payment tools safeguard operators and allow them to accept direct payment in multiple payment methods.
  • ID verification: speedy and secure real-time driver’s license verification to riders.
  • Sobriety test — gamification DUI tool optional for provisioning driver and community safety.
  • Branding opportunities — the Joyride app comes white-labeled. Customize your app name, colors, icons and more.
  • Operator tools — communicate directly with multiple field operations team members and scan vehicles at once from a streamlined Operations App.
  • Marketing — offer referral program sign-ups, promotional tie-ins, in-app advertising and instant messaging that engage riders and incentivize further use.
  • Customer service — enable users to report and address issue tickets instantly in-app with global 24/7 support.

The Joyride integration is available as an aftermarket accessory offered by Joyride for GEM vehicles. Moreover, fleet operators can easily install the kits. Joyride-enabled GEM vehicles are also on display digitally through Joyride Garage, an online marketplace that sells shared-use vehicles with fully integrated solutions.

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