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Google Maps rolls out 3D buildings for drivers

Date: April 18, 2024. — Google Maps has expanded the availability of its 3D buildings feature for drivers, making it more accessible across various devices. This feature, which provides a more realistic view of buildings during navigation, has been gradually introduced since January and is now fully rolled out on Android, with integration into Android Auto as well.

In its latest update, Google Maps has fully rolled out the 3D buildings feature for Android users, integrating it seamlessly with Android Auto. This means that the experience of enabling or disabling the feature on your phone will reflect across both platforms. To enable the 3D buildings feature, simply navigate to your profile within the Google Maps app, access Settings, then proceed to Navigation settings where you can toggle the option labeled ‘Show 3D buildings’. It’s worth noting that while the feature is available on both Android and iOS devices, you’ll need to zoom quite far into the map to see the 3D buildings.

Furthermore, users should be aware that on Android Auto, the visibility of 3D buildings is contingent upon the system being in light mode. Switching to dark mode will cause the 3D buildings to disappear, underscoring the importance of the system’s color scheme in accessing this feature.

This update aims to enhance the driving experience, especially in unfamiliar cities, by providing a more glanceable and lifelike representation of the surroundings. It’s a significant step towards more immersive navigation and could be particularly useful for drivers navigating through densely built-up areas. Remember to check if the feature is available and turned on by default in your region to take full advantage of this new capability.

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