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Greater Than’s new self-onboarding platform puts AI driver risk analytics seamlessly into hands of insurance, mobility, and fleets 

Greater Than has announced the first edition of a new self-onboarding solution for connected car services. Enerfy Global provides AI-driven data analytics, business intelligence, and deep driving risk insights to the mass market quickly and intuitively.

Self-onboarding resonates well with insurance, mobility, and fleet solution providers globally, who require prompt, flexible, user-friendly technology to be integrated seamlessly into their operations from anywhere, and at any time. Self-onboarding also makes it possible for Greater Than to scale at a faster pace and move customers promptly through the onboarding journey. 

“Ease of use, low cost and low effort are all important factors for businesses looking to implement new technology, which is why we have made our AI simple, accessible, and intuitive to use. Our new self-onboarding solution delivers multiple benefits to the customer as they can get started when they want, they can choose to personalize and design the look and feel to demonstrate their driver safety or mobility solution to the mass market, and they can then see the value of our next-generation AI much sooner,” says Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than. 

“In addition, self-onboarding makes our business even more scalable, helping us deliver on our goals of enabling businesses to utilize our unique AI to identify crash risk sooner and ultimately deliver safer, cleaner roads, whilst reducing the cost of insurance at the same time.”  

In a world with seemingly endless data streams and in-vehicle intelligence, Greater Than’s new self-onboarding solution, Enerfy Global, enables businesses to tailor-make their own AI driver safety or mobility solution and provide demonstrations to their end-users whilst utilizing their own proprietary data. 

Key features include: 

  • Build your own customizable insurance solution
  • Analyze and visualize large amounts of real-time risk data
  • Filter and segment data 

During the first launch phase, Greater Than is offering the opportunity to develop tailored, gamified partner and vendor mobility solutions that inspire safer, smarter, eco-friendly driving habits.  

“Having worked primarily with larger enterprises, we are now opening the door for smaller and midsize companies to easily onboard to our platform and demo using their own data. Being able to deep dive into the data with our risk pattern profiling will help our clients to create valuable, future-proofed digital insurance services and future-proofed pricing models.”

Enerfy Global utilizes Greater Than’s unique pattern AI that delivers a DriverDNA to facilitate individualized pricing of premiums, delivering unbiased underwriting. 

The purpose of the Enerfy Global platform is to provide a digital marketplace for connected business intelligence and customized driver services.

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