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GreenMobility signs agreement with MyWheels

In company announcement 133 on 12 December 2023, GreenMobility announced a strategy update that, over the coming months, would result in a significant fleet expansion in Copenhagen and the closure or divestment of the company’s activities in the Netherlands and Finland. Aligned with the strategy change, GreenMobility has now entered into an agreement with the Netherlands car-sharing company MyWheels.

GreenMobility is a sustainable urban mobility company offering electric car-sharing services, contributing to eco-friendly transportation solutions in urban areas. MyWheels, revolutionizes urban mobility with sustainable and affordable transportation solutions. This collaboration aims to advance the shared mobility landscape, fostering eco-friendly transportation solutions. GreenMobility’s expertise in providing electric vehicle (EV) sharing services aligns seamlessly with MyWheels’ commitment to enhancing sustainable transportation options. The partners anticipate expanding the network of electric car-sharing opportunities. This will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and promote environmentally conscious travel in the Netherlands.

The agreement enables GreenMobility to offer its customers the opportunity to transfer to MyWheels. Simultaneously, the employees at GreenMobility Netherlands will have the chance to become part of MyWheels.

“We are very pleased with this agreement that provides our employees with the opportunity to continue working within car-sharing and hereby promote the green transition at a company with the same visions as us. At the same time, our customer base will have the opportunity to transfer to MyWheels. This will help reduce the cost of closing down our operations in the Netherlands,” says Kasper Gjedsted, CEO at GreenMobility.

GreenMobility will cease its operations in the Netherlands on 1 February 2024, and the company will relocate GreenMobility cars in the Netherlands to other locations.

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