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UFOFLEET unveils digital test drive & enhanced customer engagement features

LUXEMBOURG, February 5, 2024 ( – UFODRIVE, a digital EV rental platform, announced the launch of two new modules on their UFOFLEET platform: Advanced Test Drive and Resale. These modules aim to further support the growing demand in the automotive sector for streamlined and efficient customer experiences. UFOFleet is the software platform that powers UFODrive’s electric car rental operations. The team designed the new modules to optimize the test drive process, improve sales, and reduce costs. The addition of these modules is a testament to UFO Fleet’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for their clients.

The first new feature enables a fully digital test drive experience that can be deployed directly to customers or managed by dealerships. Customers can book, drive and engage with the retailer from one app without any paperwork. Behind the scenes, fleet management, automation, customer service, energy, and more can be optimized with ease.

The second new feature facilitates the other end of a test drive, rental, subscription, loaner, or lease process when a vehicle transitions out of a program for sale. Here, UFOFLEET leverages its existing inventory and vehicle status management. It creates an up-to-date visual record, maintenance file, and residual value calculation. Moreover, submit these directly to the preferred sales channel. Each step validates them from final customer return, logistics collection, to arrival at the point of sale.

“When we started our first automotive project, we realized the test drive experience hasn’t changed since Karl Benz started in 1888. Every day, millions of people test drive cars, primarily conducting the process in person and on paper,” said Aidan McClean, CEO and co-founder of UFODRIVE. “UFOFLEET now helps modernize a critical component of the car buying journey. Moreover, we put the customer in control of the experience. We ensure the salespeople or brand can engage at the right time with the right offer.”

UFOFLEET has been enabling successful rental, subscription, leasing, hire, purchase, sharing, rideshare, and last-mile programs for customers in 12 countries. They work with some of the biggest brands like Hertz, Uber, Amazon, and Merchant’s Fleet. All this is in addition to its UFODRIVE EV rental business. It provides one of the highest-rated rental experiences in the world.

“Automotive is our fastest-growing sector,” said Edmund Read, Chief Commercial Officer at UFODRIVE. “As vehicle ownership and platforms evolve. The customer experience becomes a critical differentiator for OEMs and Dealers before, during, and after the sale. Our partners can provide an advanced experience to their customers from the first touchpoint to their test drive, subscription, multi-year lease, maintenance visits, and more. One white-labeled app leveraging UFOFLEET facilitates all of this. Behind the scenes, we make it run smoother with tools like the resale module and fleet automation. Furthermore, these tools help our partners generate more sales, reduce operating costs, and maintain longer lifecycles.”

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