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Human Horizons partners with Meridian Audio to bring a premium listening experience to HiPhi

HiPhi, Human Horizons‘ premium smart all-electric vehicle brand, and Meridian, the British pioneer of high-resolution audio, are announcing their collaboration on audio solutions for the HiPhi vehicle range. The strategic partnership sees Meridian provide a premium audio system that is seamlessly integrated into the automotive interior to provide the driver and passengers with an authentic and immersive in-car experience. Meridian will become an important partner for HiPhi and this premium audio system will arrive in the HiPhi X, the first application in a Chinese brand.

“Meridian’s breakthrough technology – which you have to hear to believe – exemplifies our innovative spirit and will categorically set us apart from others in the industry,” said Ding Lei, CEO and founder at Human Horizons and HiPhi. “We are revolutionizing future automotive interior design by radically pushing boundaries.”

Meridian’s partnership with HiPhi echoes the spirit of the all-electric brand, “to explore, to be free, to create”. Meridian engineers are working very closely with the development team at HiPhi to provide an audio experience that matches the exhilaration of driving this vehicle.

“HiPhi’s ambitions in vehicle engineering and design makes this a very exciting partnership for us,” said John Buchanan, CEO of Meridian. “Our customers already enjoy high performance audio in their home, and with this new collaboration they will be able to embrace the same experience in their HiPhi vehicle.”

Meridian Engineers have supported system designs to strategically position speakers around the vehicle, allowing each passenger to enjoy an audio experience of unparalleled quality. At the core of the Meridian system is a suite of proprietary technologies which combine to deliver a state-of-the-art Meridian listening experience.

Utilising a specifically engineered 600-watt amplifier, Meridian Re-Q and Meridian Digital Precision technologies combine to deliver rich and detailed sound quality at all times. No fewer than 12 independent channels are deployed in conjunction with Meridian’s Horizon technology for complete immersion and superb balance throughout the vehicle’s interior. Meridian’s Perfect Balance technology ensures the best audio performance at any listening volume and enables the high-performance subwoofer to handle the low-end frequencies, while the mid-range drivers and tweeters ensure that every instrument and every artist can be appreciated in full. An optimal audio experience will always be delivered with Meridians Intelli-Q technology which provides data-driven equalisation that optimises audio playback within the cabin.

For a truly individual experience, the exclusive paint finish available for the HiPhi X can be matched on Meridian’s own home audio products through their Select service.

HiPhi is set for small volume production by the end of the year and will go on sale in 2021.

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