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Infineon launches Battery Management Systems for EVs

Infineon Technologies has launched a new battery management system, called TLE9012AQU, which manages and balances the battery charge of an electric vehicle. TLE9012AQU is designed especially for hybrid and electric car batteries, but it is also suitable for other applications such as energy storage systems and e-bike battery management systems.

It offers voltage measurement in up to twelve battery cells with an accuracy of ± 5.8 mV over the entire temperature and operating voltage range. By combining up to five external temperature sensors and an iso-UART interface for communication, the device offers a complete optimization of the entire project.

Infineon’s TLE9012AQU circuitry offers a programmable noise filter and performs the measurement simultaneously so that results remain comparable even with temporary interference factors.

The balancing of the cells is achieved by twelve balancing switches integrated into the chip – one per channel. They are designed for currents up to 150 mA. For higher balancing currents, the device also supports external switches. Overcurrent, undercurrent, and open load diagnosis are available onboard.

With its twelve Delta-Sigma ADC channels, the TLE9012AQU is particularly suitable for batteries that are split with twelve cells per module. One device per module is, therefore required. The iso-UART interface for data exchange between these modules and with the microcontroller allows easy voltage isolation and ensures data integrity.

TLE9012AQU block diagram. Click the image to enlarge.

With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, the impact on the battery management system sector will be considerable, as electric vehicles are powered by tens or hundreds of cells. Any mismanagement could trigger huge electrical problems. A BMS optimizes the performance of the electric car and ensures the safety of the battery pack.

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