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Fuel Tank Monitoring System

Our Intelligent Fuel Monitoring for Bulk Tank is a comprehensive system that monitors in your Fuel tank. Our system monitors Fuel Level Fuel Filled and allows for the collection of essential data and generation of reports for management purposes. The solution’s automatic functionality makes reconciliation and compliance more accurate and reliable.

How It Works-

  • A telemetry system is installed in every Fuel Tank
  • Tank-level measurements are regularly sent to a Telematics device. This device, via the GSM network, transmits the data to the cloud, which automatically processes the data.
  • The customers automatically get tank levels info, tank filling info on their email and mobile phone. They can even view and analyze the data directly in the user-friendly web portal, from their office the customer can also get access to view it on their smartphone.

Understanding and managing the generator fuel level is critical. With the increasing cost of fuel, providers need to manage the operating expense both at individual sites and across the network. It is important to monitor fuel levels to facilitate timely refills and know how much time remains while under load.

To manage fuel effectively, thresholds should be user definable –

     a.) For low fuel – Once the low level is reached, automatic notification to the relevant personnel will be initiated.

     b.) Fuel consumption is higher than the “normal” consumption rate- This is often caused by a leak or fuel theft; an alarm will be automatically generated.

Alarm notification and reporting Managing generators, especially at remote cell sites, can be challenging. However, with the right alarm notifications and reporting capabilities, information should be easy to access, and issues can be resolved quickly. Whether for preventative maintenance or issue resolution, understanding that a problem exists is the first step to operating a generator effectively and efficiently. Alarming should be utilized to understand various aspects of the generator, such as fuel levels or abnormal fuel consumption, if the generator is running or stopped.

    c.) Email/ SMS alert on low level, fuel filling, fuel theft is generated instantly.

    d.) Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports for monitoring consumption, filling & theft.


We have Installed Fuel monitoring systems in many Genset at various Construction sites, we have observed that in remote site areas the fuel filling is less than the actual billing done by the vendors or service providers. In one of the cases in ORISSA, we have observed that the service provider claims he has filled the tank with 120 liters on 9th FEB 2019 but when our system shows that only 40 liters was filled.


The chart clearly shows that 40 litres diesel was filled on 9th FEB 2019 but according to the service provider they have filled 120 litres.


Here you can see on 9th February, he claims to fill 120 litres, but our sensor shows only 40 litres hence there is a theft of 80 litres. This is for one day one genset, if we assume this happens only once in a month then also the company losses-80×66= 5280/- per month per genset.


1. Lower operating costs, improve efficiencies, and increase reliability.

2. Reduce capital costs


Reliable work in any conditions “Escort TD-600” – universal capacitive fuel level sensor that has 5 operational modes and can communicate with any GPS monitoring device.

All the materials and components are protected by robust casing and are proved to withstand extreme temperature drops from -60/+85 °С. Conforms to high quality and security standards stated by the certification system. TD-600 has high Ingress protection IP67 and galvanic isolation along the entire casing.

As the tanks at your site are bigger in size, we will install a pre-calibrated sensor for all of your tanks so calibration is not required. The Sensor will be installed in the tank and will be connected to a GPS/GPRS hub for transmitting the data.

About the Author:

Sanjay Jain, CEO, Callcomm

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