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Introducing HERE Automated Driving Zones for safer autonomous driving systems

HERE Technologies introduced HERE Automated Driving Zones. With this new cloud-hosted software, automakers can transparently decide where, when and under which operating conditions it is safe to activate the automated driving functionalities of their cars.

With autonomous driving, safety comes first. An automated driving system must therefore only be activated when the outside conditions allow for it. This requires the definition of so-called Operational Design Domains (ODD). An ODD characterizes the operating conditions in which automated driving systems can operate properly, circumscribing the areas where it is safe for drivers to take their hands off the wheel or where driverless vehicles are allowed to drive.

With HERE Automated Driving Zones automakers can define such individual ODDs for their cars’ automated driving functionalities. HERE Automated Driving Zones works in combination with HERE’s industry leading HD and SD map content. In addition, it can integrate dynamic location services from HERE for real-time traffic information and road hazards. Automakers can use the software to not only set the geographic environment where automated driving functionality can be activated, but also the conditions that must be present on the roadway.

An ODD can be unique to individual automakers, vehicle brands and types, as well as to each automated driving functionality across different levels of automation (from SAE Levels L2-L4). With HERE Automated Driving Zones automakers can create, edit, and review an ODD either manually or automatically. The software supports these capabilities both via a web app and an API.

HERE Automated Driving Zones is already being utilized in the current development, validation and production of automated driving capabilities for two global automakers.

“HERE Automated Driving Zones is another example for the critical importance of accurate and dynamic location technology to enable safe autonomous driving”, said Giovanni Lanfranchi, Senior Vice President and Chief Product & Technology Officer at HERE Technologies. “Location technology is both needed for defining the areas where automated driving is possible as well as for operating an automated vehicle safely within those boundaries.”

HERE Automated Driving Zones complements the comprehensive automated driving offering from HERE. Leading global automotive companies trust upon it for their automation efforts across all levels. Amongst others, it includes the HERE HD Live Map which, for example, is deployed by Mercedes-Benz for its industry leading level 3 DRIVE PILOT automated driving system, the HERE ADAS Map, powering the advanced driver assistance systems of more than 22 million vehicles on the road today, and the HERE ISA Map, currently chosen by 38 brands from 16 major automakers to comply with the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) mandate of the European Union.

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