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IPS Group introduces high-precision Stereoscopic Vehicle Detection Sensors

IPS Group, a Smart Parking innovation leader, has launched the Stereoscopic Vehicle Detection Sensor as part of the Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem.

The sensors integrate with IPS Single-Space Parking Meters to detect space vacancy and occupancy. Parking managers can monitor occupancy trends in real time to make data-driven policy decisions such as demand-based rates, parking schedules, and enforcement processes.

Compared to other vehicle detection sensors, the Stereoscopic Sensors offer the highest accuracy, longest battery life, greater auditing capabilities, and easiest installation and maintenance. A combination of stereoscopic and magnetometer technology captures different image and sensing perspectives and 3D coordinates to provide high-precision vehicle detection.

IPS sensor data synchronizes with the entire IPS Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem, including the Data Management System (DMS) centralized data analytics and business intelligence application; Enforcement Management Solution and PARK SMARTER™ mobile payment application. The sensor supports real-time web-based data feeds in the DMS to enable visual dashboard reports, enforcement routing, and PARK SMARTER™ parking finder feature.

The sensor’s meter reset feature is proven to increase revenue by 25 – 50%. By resetting the meter to zero time when a vehicle leaves a parking space, new customer arrivals are responsible for the entire cost and do not piggyback off the previous session.

The City of Santa Monica, Calif. recently upgraded their single-space parking network which included Stereoscopic Sensors. Implementing policy changes and the reset function led to a positive return on investment and revenue gains.

Says Henry Servin, Parking Manager, Santa Monica Department of Transportation, “The Stereoscopic Sensor paid for itself because each reset annualized over our 6,500 single-space meters generates an additional $1.4 million a year in Santa Monica.”

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