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Israel to get ‘Foldable’ Electric Car CT-1 from City Transformer as emergency response vehicles

Israeli automotive company City Transformer has been developing electric cars that can shrink in size to squeeze into parking spots. The company has announced a new partnership with United Hatzalah, the emergency medical response organization, to add the startup’s “foldable” urban vehicles into the organization’s fleet. City Transformer, based in Israel’s Tel Aviv that has developed the CT-1, the foldable electric car, has made a deal with United Hatzalah based in Israel’s Jerusalem. This deal is likely to make the volunteer-based emergency medical services organisation a major client of City Transformer, founded in 2014.

City Transformer has developed the CT-1 electric car. It is a 2.49-meter long and 1.4-meter wide vehicle. The car operates on a patent-registered folding mechanism due to which the wheelbase can be contracted down to just one meter. This can help the driver of the car in easy parking and maneuvering through traffic,

The vehicle has a seat for a driver and another adult, sitting in tandem. Another interesting aspect is that the cabin of the car does change its shape even as the wheelbase narrows due to contraction. The vehicle has different maximum speeds in its narrow and wide modes. It can run up to 45 kilometers an hour and 90 kph in its narrow mode and wide mode, respectively. It can go 100-150 kilometers after being charged fully for one time.

City Transformer is hoping to build a “resilient, comfortable, and sustainable” solution for urban-dwellers by developing CT-1 electric car. The company hoping to provide an alternative car option to those who do not want to use regular-sized cars in dense cities.

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