Karamba Security product showcase at CES 2023

Karamba Security will present its state-of-the-art automotive product cybersecurity portfolio CES 2023. Karamba’s prestigious list of customers and partners includes Volvo, HP, Samsung, VinFast, Fisker, Canoo, Nikola, Wind River®, Semcon and more.

Electric vehicle (EV) and software-defined vehicle (SDV) OEMs and tier-1 suppliers are required to meet the new automotive cybersecurity regulation (UN R155) and standard (ISO/SAE 21434) before going to market and to maintain continual security through end-of-life. With Karamba’s end-to-end product security portfolio OEMs and tier-1 suppliers comply with cybersecurity regulations without causing delays to EV or SDV plans. Karamba’s products and services tap into existing architectures and binaries with fast deliverables, without imposing changes to R&D, validation or post-production operations.

Product demonstrations of customer use cases will include:

  • VCode supply chain security – scan of AUTOSAR binaries and detection of security issues and recommended remediations
  • VCode Vulnerability Management System – enables OEMs and suppliers to automatically detect, prioritize and manage security vulnerabilities from one centralized platform
  • XGuard embedded software – negligible performance impact and automatic installation, without changing R&D or validation processes
  • Full ISO 21434 compliance to meet regulatory requirements quickly and effectively

Karamba will be showcasing demonstrations supported by its partner Wind River, which highlight how the combined technologies from both companies prevent cyberattacks. “The combination of Karamba’s XGuard solution and Wind River Linux enables our customers to expand the security foundations of our Linux offering by enhancing the integrity of deployment workflows in automotive and other industries,” said Christina Ungaro, Vice President of Corporate Development at Wind River.

“Securing our vehicles and meeting the highest level of cybersecurity standards are essential and non-negotiable in keeping our customers and their data safe,” said Alexander Bermudez, CISO at Fisker Inc. “Karamba Security has emerged as a long-haul partner in meeting Fisker’s cybersecurity commitments. Karamba has been helpful in ensuring security and compliance levels remain high and assuring our suppliers are held to a high standard.” 

“The core of this partnership is simple: all connected devices are vulnerable, and together we can reduce that risk by developing ever-evolving solutions that are adaptable to fit the needs of different organizations and industries, said Mohammad Islam, Head of Cyber Security at Semcon.

In response to mandatory cybersecurity legislation, Karamba recently partnered with Siemens to integrate its VCode binary analysis software with Siemens’ Polarion software to ensure a faster time to market of the cybersecurity layer, with end-to-end processes from threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) to requirements and verification.

U.S. customers can now accelerate ISO/SAE 21434 product security compliance by utilizing Karamba’s recently established pen-testing lab in Rochester, Michigan.  

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