Komaki unveils e-Loader Cat 2.0 NXT

Komaki, India’s electric two-wheeler industry, unveils its latest innovation, the Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT. This e-loader, with its cutting-edge features and sustainable design, is poised to transform last-mile delivery operations in India. It is designed to be versatile and can be modified to suit different delivery needs.

Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT is equipped with LifePO4 App-based smart battery, ensuring both reliability and safety in every journey. The Cat 2.0 NXT has a range of 120 to 140 kilometres and a top speed of 79 kilometres per hour. It delivers unmatched performance for all-day usage, empowering businesses to meet their delivery demands efficiently.

The Cat 2.0 NXT is designed with versatility, featuring a robust iron body with convertible seats. It offers ample space for seating and an impressive loading capacity of up to 350 kilograms. Whether transporting goods or passengers, the Cat 2.0 NXT delivers unparalleled convenience and utility. Moreover, Komaki hit the gas to promote its new launch with an instant cashback offer that customers can avail of on Cat 2.0 NXT from April 1-30.

“Our vision at Komaki is to drive sustainability and promote a greener future through innovative electric mobility solutions,” said Gunjan Malhotra, Director of Komaki Electric Division, “The launch of the Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT marks another significant step towards this goal. It empowers businesses with eco-friendly and efficient transportation options.”

The Cat 2.0 NXT packs advanced features in addition to its powerful performance. These include front LED lights, a BLDC hub motor, parking assist, auto repair, reverse assist, dual disc brake system, and six hydraulic rear suspensions. Its convertible design allows for seamless transformation into a loader, providing added flexibility for diverse transportation needs.

Furthermore, the Cat 2.0 NXT is designed for convenience and safety. The foldable backrest, extra storage, safety guards, and footrests ensure a comfortable, secure ride for both riders and cargo.

With the launch of the Komaki Cat 2.0 NXT, Komaki reaffirms its commitment to innovation, sustainability. It also aims to advance the electric vehicle segment in the country.

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